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Bottom sheet in android | Android Tutorial 2020 Updated

How to make Bottom Sheet in Android

How to make Bottom Sheet in Android

Hello world, today we are going to see how to make a persistence bottom sheet and how to make a modal bottom sheet in the android. The bottom sheet has two types, one is persistence and the second is a modal sheet. In both cases, the bottom sheet slides up. In the persistence bottom sheet, some parts of the bottom sheet showing to the user so that the user can slides up and in the model bottom sheet you can make a trigger to show the bottom sheet and it is fully hidden unlikely persistence bottom sheet. When a user clicks on a button or something you can trigger the modal bottom sheet to show. Let's see the finished app which we are going to make below.

bottom sheet android

Before making any type of bottom sheet we must add the dependency.

Add Bottom Sheet Dependency in Android Project

Let's first make a persistence bottom sheet.

How to make Persistence Bottom Sheet

First, we need to make our layout for the bottom sheet so let's do this.

Make a new layout file in the layout folder and name it as bottom_sheet.xml.

You can make your layout as you want for the sake of simplicity we make a simple view with textview but you can add what you like for example you can add recyclerview or any other view you like.

If you want to make this layout to be used as a bottom sheet then you have to add these 3 properties to your layout.

  • app:layout_behavior, set this property value to because we want our layout to behave like a bottom sheet.
  • app:behavior_hideable, set the property value to true as we want to completely hide the bottom sheet if we swipe it down again when it is collapsed.
  • app:behavior_peekHeight, set this property value to the value which you want to show the view when it is collapsed.
After making the layout for the bottom sheet we need to include this layout in our activity layout and make activity layout root layout to CoordinatorLayout. It is mandatory for the bottom sheet.

After changing the layout let's add the bottom sheet layout in the activity layout.

Our full code will look like this.

Now if you run your app you can see the persistence bottom sheet fully working.

Now let's see how we can access our bottom sheet and change the opening and closing of the bottom sheet in the java.

Open or close the Bottom Sheet in Java

To open or close the bottom sheet we will make a button in the activity layout xml file to toggle the bottom sheet.

Now come to the activity java file and add this code.

We can use this code for the modal bottom sheet also.

Now let's see how to make a modal bottom sheet.

How to make Modal Bottom Sheet in Android

making the modal bottom sheet is fairly simple. Add this below code in the activity java file. We are using the same layout as we made before for the persistence bottom sheet.

We have added a button to the activity layout to trigger the modal bottom sheet and in the click method, we will add this code.

If you click outside of the modal bottom sheet then it will slide down hide.

Now run your app see your bottom sheet.

Implement Callback of Bottom Sheet

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Thanks for reading have a nice day.
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