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Gradient Status bar and Toolbar in Android

How to make Gradient Toolbar and Status bar in Android Hello there, Today we are going to learn how we can make an amazing custom toolbar with gradient effect and also apply the gradient to the status bar like below. First, let's create a new project or open your existing one. To make gradient to status bar and toolbar we need to edit our styles.xml file to make it no action bar theme and apply fullscreen so that we can add our custom status bar. See below snippet of styles.xml and edit your like this. Open res folder then open values folder and select style.xml. First, we need to change the parent attribute and replace the value with Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar by doing this default action bar will remove. Now we add some property in the styles.xml This will give us the ability to add a custom status bar. For the custom toolbar, we need to make a custom layout file. To do that we create a new layout file by right click on the layout folder an